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Fanart: Sketches MerlinxArthur

Just a sketchdump of some MerlinxArthur sketches I did, because I couldn't help myself XD Uke!Arthur is the most fun to draw, just fyi.
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Eating healthy/ working out again...

... wonder how long it will last this time? :P

I've decided to try the Special K 'Drop a jeans size' diet.. thing. I'm not sure how well it's going to go since it's quite a bland diet. But it's only for two weeks, so it's not too bad. Gonna see if it works at all or is just a load of bull 8'D Have also just started the strength training again since I'm not having much activity while I'm at home (being driven everywhere does have it's down sides), but this is also hard since I have to stay downstairs to look after the dog and he thinks it's a game whenever I do situps that involves jumping on my and eating my face. Not the best conditions for exercise really. And it's HOT. Like really so. It makes me just want to go back to sleep and not move at all.

All in all, I'm in the worst conditions possible for dieting and exercising. Yaaay.

Well, next week my dad will be going away for a couple of weeks, so at least I won't be having the ginormous meals loaded with calories that he likes to cook (though they taste so good.... XP~~)

I WILL PREVAIL. Ayacon is in 6 weeks so really gotta crack down on losing and bit and starting to make my cosplays. Which are going to be impossible to get done on time since I've chosen really complicated cosplays to make, but one can but hope and pray and sacrifice small children~

New update. Just 'cause I can.

Ok, so not much has really been going on by way of interesting things. At least not interesting things I would want to write about :P Term has been winding down and not much has been going on apart from me watching an inordinate amount of movies and drinking an inordinate amount of tea at the library. Which is where I am right now. About to write some crack with a creative writing friend, and not getting very far because we're talking about penises.

We're mature.

Other than that, have had a few medical problems over the last couple of weeks but it's been put down to too little iron in my blood, so gonna be on two sets of tablets for the summer, fun times! -.-

Since I have nothing else that is worth saying I shall tell you what I thought of the films I watched recently. And you will listen. Or you will not. Your choice really.

Most recently I saw Doubt, an absolutely amazing play turned into a film. It was really well done, though, as a friend pointed out, the theme 'doubt' is shoved into your face a little too much. The basic premise is that a priest is suspected of being a paedophile, but there is no proof. The headteacher of the school attached to the parish is convinced that he is abusing a boy at the school and does everything she can to get rid of this priest. Stars Meryl Streep, Amy Adams and Philip Seymour Hoffman, an amazing cast. Definitely worth watching.

I also saw Watchmen for the first time the other day, and I have to say it didn't really live up to the hype. I found it was quite boring and way too much talk for a three hour film. There were about two good action scenes, and though the graphics were really good at these times, it didn't help to pull up the rest of the film for me. I think that I would really like this in the form of a graphic novel and so will try to read that, but I didn't feel that it translated well into a film. I was also disturbed with Patrick Wilson as the Night Owl. He just, well, did not look anything like any kind of hero. He too much of a wet blanket, for lack of a better word. I did not get along with his character. Rorschach, however, I could watch an entire film about him and just watch him kicking ass all day. Unfortunately, him kicking ass did not happen often enough in this film!

Well, this seems to be a suitably long journal to appease the big words "5 weeks since journal last updated" on my front page.

Peace out.

Day two (well, two and a half really, shh)

Bad day... Or, bad yesteday and today. I've fallen down with some kind of evil cold that means my whole body is aching and my head is thumping. It was godawful yesterday and I could hardly move, and as such, didn't do my strength training apart from squats, as I did those before it got too bad. Had a very broken night's sleep and instead managed to sleep most of today away. Go me. Finally struggled out of bed, sometime late afternoon, and got some medicine, which seems to have set in a little bit, though my throat still hurts. But still, got myself up to do the pressups and situps, then almost died, so soaked in the bath for like.. ever. Productive day, neh? But at least I did the strength training in the end... My body aches ;-; Hope this blasted thing is feeling better tomorrow so that I can get back on schedule (blasted thing being my body)


*collapses back into bed*

Star Trek ftw

Oh yes. We saw Star Trek yesterday. And I can honestly say it's the best movie I've seen in about a year or so. Definitely the best film I've seen in the cinema for ages. God, it was just beautiful. I reccommend that everyone goes to see this film, whether or not you're a Trekkie! I'm not much of a Trekkie at all and never watched the Kirk series, but this was just... guh, so good!!! Will be buying this film the moment it comes out on DVD. Sulu was made of win, but Kirk and Spock easily my favourite characters. Perfectly portrayed and I totally bought into it. Especially with Zachary Quinto, as I thought I would be constantly thinking of him as Sylar through the film, but I very quickly forgot he was in even in Heroes as I watched it! I won't spoiler anything here, but please, everyone go and see it this very second!! I really want to go and see it in the cinema again; make the most of that huge screen.

In other news, found several new animes that are awesome this past couple of weeks, probably because I'm avoiding revision desparately :P The first is Eden of the East. Really good, though very confused where it's going at the moment, but the animation is beautiful and the ending theme is just amazing. I almost just watch it to see the ending theme XD Also Sengoku Basara, which hardly needs explaining. Medieval Japanese battles ftw! Definitely going to attempt to cosplay Yukimura in the summer if I tone up my stomach enough! One time when my small boobs come in handy XD The last anime I want to plug is Pandora Hearts. I actually am reading the manga for this, but just found out there's an anime as well, and the anime looks like it's going to be pretty good, but would definitely say read the manga as it just works better. It's like Kuroshitsuji, where the manga and anime are both good, but the animation in the anime lets it down. I'm hoping it won't be as bad as Kuroshitsuji was in places. The anime kinda annoyed me for that XD

Ok, that's my plugging for the day done =3 Back to revision of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight~

Omg, so tired... (Day One)

And not because of exercising. I ended up last night not going to be until after twelve, and while this may not seem bad, I ended up waking up at about 5 this morning (again!!) because some stupid goose was honking constantly outside my window. It managed to keep it up until 8:30, when I finally got fed up and just got out of bed and perused the internet. Needless to say, about ten minutes later it stopped, obviously knowing I had given in and gotten out of bed. Fuckin hate geese.

But yes. This morning was rather un-productive seeing as I didn't know when the cleaner would be coming in and didn't want to start anything if she was going to interrupt - can't do exercise while there are people in the room, goh! But finally finally, she's been and gone and I've started away with my squats, on the week 2 page, 3rd column! My legs are now burninating. I ended up with doing around about 90 squats with 30 second breaks between each set! Owwie. Though I don't think I do squats completely right... I think my back bends forward too much, but any time I try to keep it straight it hurts like a bitch. I'm sure it's not meant to hurt that much... or maybe I'm just being a wuss, who knows :P


Ok, just done situps. Situps still aren't being nice to me, but started on week 1, column 2, and managed what they asked. Barely. XD My belly apparently wants nothing more than to just digest instead of doing actual work.

Will update later when I've done my press ups, will probably not be until this evening after I've come back from the movies. Don't plan on doing any more right now.

Update Numero Dos

Finally sit my pressups, and managed them quite well, though I am doing them on my knees. Week 1, column 3. My arms are aching now, though. And, goh, my knees are really feeling it now from the squats this morning. I ran up a small slope earlier and my knees were like 'WHHHYY?!?' XD At least I know now that I was actually doing some work. No pain, no gain, right? ... Right?? XD

Day one down!!

Getting down to some proper exercise!

Did my initial tests today for sit-ups, push-ups and squats. I'm disappointed in myself for sit-ups D8

Sit-ups 17
Press-ups 25
Squats 50

Because of this, for squats I'm going to start at week 2 instead of week 1, but I don't want to push myself too much and so am refraining from moving into week 3. For press-ups and sit-ups I'll start at week 1 and work my way up from there! I really hope this helps to tone down my flab a bit, though will be very impressed with myself if I manage to 200/ 100 of each consecutively!

Charge on!!

Introductions, of a sort

Since I'm not that interesting a person in real life, I'm going to create the most wonderful persona for myself. Seeing as that's what we can do on the internet.


Actually, I can't be bothered. Let's just say I'm a boring person and leave it at that. My imagination by far takes precedence to my real life. Since there is very little to talk about, I'm not going to talk about it.